Flat6Labs Beirut is a startup seed program and early stage fund designed to empower entrepreneurs to develop and scale viable companies in a short period of time.

Offering $30K to $50K in seed funding and $150K to $500K in early stage funding

Seed Program idea + team

Get $50,000 and all required support to develop your idea into a market-ready startup.

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Early Stage Fund startup + growth plans

Ticket sizes from $150,000 - $500,000 and support for your scaling startup to achieve growth and establishment.

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Through its expansive and wide-reaching network

Flat6Labs Beirut will empower Lebanese entrepreneurs with the scaling opportunities to access wider markets regionally and internationally.

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Seed Funding

Get seed funding from US$30K-$50K in cash; we also provide shared resources in return for 10%-15%equity as your trusted partner.

Space to Work

4 months of your shared office space at Flat6Labs with high-speed Internet and full administrative support during the program.

Room to Grow

Curated introductions, networking and growth opportunities to help startups scale regionally and globally.


Build better with 14 weeks of top-notch mentorship and strategic linking with established mentors in specialized fields.

Training & Coaching

Develop your skills with our proven curriculum of over 50 sessions on product development, business, operations, marketing, etc.

Legal to Admin

Worry less with support for company incorporation and on-call local lawyers for legal consultation, support, and services.

Demo Day & Investor Matching

Present your startup at our high-profile program-closing event to help you receive follow-on funding from investors.

Perks & Services

Each of the startups receives more than $300K in perks & benefits from local, regional and international partners.

Follow-on & Pre-Series A Funding

Flat6Labs Beirut will also offer follow-on and early-stage investment tickets ranging from US $150K to $500K.

Applications open soon

Flat6Labs Beirut investment team will soon be open to receiving applications for early-stage funding.

Early-Stage $150K-$300K Investments

Startups that have demonstrated traction in existing markets, with a solid team and a growth plan.

Growth phase $300K-$500K Investments

Advanced early-stage startups looking for bridge-financing to actualize their growth plans.

Business Plan & Incorporation

Review of corporate strategy and budget, legal incorporation and consultancy.

Development & Governance

Introduction to potential customers, suppliers, affiliates, agencies, identification of independent directors.

Talent Management

Sourcing of talent, interviewing of C-level and senior positions, drafting of agreements and advisory.

Marketing & Communication

Startup positioning and communication, media exposure, public relations and community outreach.

Corporate Development

Support for Strategic alternatives such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offering, recap, etc.

Digital Tools

Improvement of reporting systems for increased transparency and visibility into operations.

The Process

2 months before cycle starts

We receive hundreds of applications every cycle. Once all applications have been submitted, our internal management team reviews every application carefully (using a defined framework we have created) and selects the best applicants to be called in for a 30-60 minute interview. We go deeper into learning about the founders – who they are, why are they building a company, how well do they know their market, and what problem do they want to solve.

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5 weeks before cycle starts

Based on all the previous stages, we bring down the 100+ founding teams to about 20. We then require each of the selected teams to attend a 5-day bootcamp. This bootcamp is designed as an intensive workshop for each team to work on developing and testing their idea further and for us to better understand their business in more detail. It also serves as a very important filter for identifying founders who we believe have what it takes to “make it in the real world.”

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Selection Committee
1 month before cycle starts

By the end of the 5-day bootcamp, each team presents in front of the selection committee who then select the final teams to be accepted into the cycle. The selection committee is a diverse group of partners, industry experts, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors all from our close network who come out with the final “go/no go” decision on each team.

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Company Registration
Before cycle starts

This is where the selection process ends and we start the on-boarding process which includes signing term papers, company registration, legal agreements, and lightweight due diligence. We help handle this entire process for each selected team, making sure that every document is standard and extremely entrepreneur friendly. After this point, you are ready to begin operating as a fully-fledged incorporated business.

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Cycle Program
4-month program

This is where the cycle begins and each team works restlessly over the next 4 months developing their core business model, building a prototype, and acquiring customers. During the cycle, each team has full and unlimited access to our overarching network of mentors, investors, consultants, experts, as well as well as the privilege to use our office space in Beirut, network of mentors, consultants, investors, business education workshops, training sessions, perks program and more.

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Demo Day
By the end of the cycle

Demo Day is an invite-only event held at the end of every cycle, and is generally the first opportunity for investors to meet the promising startups. After 4 long months of sweat, tears, pivoting and acceleration, the teams are ready to pitch in a room full of accredited VC’s, angels, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and the media.

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After the program

After DemoDay, only the best companies move on to receive follow-on funding. Flat6Labs Beirut staff helps teams secure funding by providing them with further assistance with their financials and linking them to more investors. Although teams can no longer work from our office after Demo Day, every startup remains part of the Flat6Labs Beirut network with continuous access to our mentor network, support, perks, workshops and more.

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Comprehensive evaluation framework which incorporates:

  • Fit-to-fund objectives
  • Macro environment
  • Sector dynamics
  • Management
  • Deal characteristics
  • Flat6Labs analysis
  • Exit prospects
  • Basic due diligence
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Negotiation of Terms

Agreeing on core terms with potential investments in the form of a term-sheet including:

  • Valuation
  • Investment amount
  • Financing structure
  • Protective provisions
  • Exit provisions
  • Terms and conditions
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Approval Process
  • Consideration by Investment Committee
  • Approval of due diligence and costs
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Due Diligence
  • Investigation of any issues identified by the analysis
  • A combination of tech- nical, financial and legal issues depending upon the stage and nature of the company
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  • Final due diligence reports
  • Legal documentation (shareholder agreements, share purchase agreement etc.)
  • Final Investment Committee approval
  • Exchange of documentation
  • Transfer of funds
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Latest News

Applications Open for Fifth Cycle

Jan 20, 2021

Application for the fifth program cycle at Flat6Labs Beirut is now open for submissions. Get seed funding, mentorship and a multitude of perks andservices to transform your innovative idea into a successful startup.

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